Provo Real Estate Seller Process

Step 1: Talk to a Realtor

What is your motivation to sell? Why are you moving? This determines, timing, pricing, and strategy. In a declining market, these are the most important questions you can ask yourself.

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Step 2: Staging

Why do I need to stage? Staging a home brings in more buyers, more offers, and more money. I took a listing that had been on the market for 6 months, was vacant and had expired. The highest offer they had received was $115,000. We discussed cleaning, painting and placing a table, sofa, mirror, 2 pictures, a bowl of fruit, and a towel in the bathroom. Within 5 days we had 2 offers, one for $140,500 and another for $150,000. Staging doesn’t need to be expensive, I guarantee, it will be time and money well spent. Assume that buyers CANNOT see potential.

Free consultation:
Staging Ideas:

Step 3: Marketing

89% of buyers report pictures are the most important part of marketing. Most buyers will fall in love with the home online before they even get there. My job is to create a listing that makes them fall in love with your home.

The formula is:
Appropriate Staging + Great Marketing + Strategic Price = OFFERS

I do the following:

  • Upload to the Utah listing service
  • Syndicate to over 350 of the most popular home websites
  • KSL & Craigslist
  • Digital Home Info-Texting service that delivers photos to your smartphone
  • Facebook, You Tube, & Twitter
  • Presented to over 100 agents personally on a big screen

Step 4: Pricing

  • Look at homes sold in the last 90 days.
  • Look at the competition.
  • Two independent Alpine, Draper or Provo real estate agents do a competitive market analysis so you can trust the accuracy of the results.
  • Strategically place it in the right search category where people are searching.
  • Discuss price reductions and pre-sign them. In a declining market if you do not have an offer in the first 3 weeks, it is time to reduce the price. The price is falling every month. Chasing the market down will result in a failed sale. Staying 3%-5% ahead of the market will result in the sale of your home.

What is my home worth? Check out:

Provo real estate
Provo real estate

Step 5: Sign Documents to List your Home

Provo real estate

Step 6: Receive and Review offers. Sign and you are Under Contract

Once Under Contract

  1. Seller disclosures - (7 days): I send these to the other agent for the buyer to review.
  2. Due diligence - (14 days): The buyer will schedule an inspector to come to your home. This is typically a 3-4 hour block of time. It is common for buyers to ask for seller repairs to be made in an addendum. In my experience, it is best to help the buyer’s agent understand how asking for these will delay the deal and could muddy the loan. Once it is in the contract the underwriter will want proof it has been completed. This can take weeks and is usually not worth the headache.
  3. Appraisal/Financing - (25 days): Most deals are dependent on a loan and this may trigger all sorts of issues. From needing more time, to the underwriter needing more bank documents to go forward with the loan. It is common to see an addendum to the contract at this point.
  4. Settlement - (30 days): One day prior to closing, I will receive a copy of the HUD’s for review and to catch any errors.
    • Closing - The next day you will sign documents and HUD’s at the Title company. This takes about 1 hour. The title company will explain and answer any questions you may have. I will be present at the closing.
    • Funding - Once the documents are signed, the loan will be funded. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
    • KEYS - Once the loan is funded the buyer receives the keys to your home!!!
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