Buyer Process

Homes for sale in Utah

Step 1: Prequalify

In most cases you are buying a mortgage not a house. Getting the money straight and loan started are key to a smooth process. The house is the easy part. :0)

Lender Sites - Apply Online in 15 Min:

Josh Mettle, Citywide Home Loans
All Loan Products
(801) 747-1210

Brandon Barrett, Zions Bank
Non-Warrantable Loans
(801) 464-2297

Jim Neff, US Bank Home Mortgage
Lot & New Construction

Step 2: Talk to a Realtor

Come into the office for a 45 minute consultation with Emily Osguthorpe Moore. You will be asked a series of questions. We will discuss your dream home and your must haves. I take your answers and find you the right homes for sale in Utah.

Emily Osguthorpe Moore
Keller Williams
841 N. 900 W.
Orem, UT 84057
Phone: (385) 204-1354

What is an Agency? Why do I need a realtor?
Agency is representation on your behalf. I educate you on the process, strategy, negotiation, lending, inspection, and closing. I set realistic expectations based on the market and set clear communication goals with each individual client.

Step 3: Previewing Homes

The fun part is looking for homes for sale in Utah. We select 5-10 homes that match your criteria and take a look at each home. We select the "One" and make a clean offer that includes an earnest money check written out to Keller Williams Westfield. Once the offer is accepted a TEAM is created. For the next 30 days we will be in constant communication with the title company, lender, realtor, and the other agent to make sure your deal goes through. 1 out of 2 deals falls out of contract today.

Step 4: Under Contract

Once under contract, we meet deadlines and continue negotiation if necessary. The deadlines are a promise to the seller that you are serious. Their home is off the market. If deadlines are missed the seller will keep your earnest money. The following is to help you be aware of what you have agreed to do. Your first responsibility is to call an inspector and schedule and inspection.


Mike Stephens
Alliance Inspection Services
(801) 921-0206

Bryan Kirkham
National Property Inspections
(801) 694-3686

Jared Fenn
Pillar to Post
(801) 318-4343

Download Basic Legal Docs & Contracts

What are the Four Deadlines?

  1. Seller disclosures - (7 days): This is a 7 page document where the seller discloses any major issues the home may have. For example, if the home needs $40,000 in foundation repair you may choose to walk prior to inspection and move onto the next home.
  2. Due diligence - (14 days): Call an inspector. Inspection typically costs around $350. You will receive a 50 page report. All homes for sale in Utah have maintenance issues and there will always be repairs listed on an inspection report. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to a buyer. I am there to counsel with clients on what to stay away from and what truly is the seller’s responsibility. I am radon certified and have extensive knowledge on mold and meth. This gives you 14 days to make sure there are no red flags such as the previous owner was a meth drug dealer. :)
  3. Appraisal/Financing - (25 days): From the first day we go under contract. We are both in contact with your lender. The lender will be asking you for documentation throughout the process. I will be in constant contact with the lender from day 1 through the close. Once inspection is complete you will order an appraisal.($350) I recommend waiting until after the inspection in case you need to walk. We work together to make sure the underwriter is happy and we are meeting the deadlines. This deadline gives us 25 days to make sure the loan will go through and you will not loose your earnest money.
  4. Settlement - (30 days): One day prior to closing, I will receive a copy of the HUD’s for review and to catch any errors.
    • Closing - The next day you will sign loan documents and HUD’s at the Title company. This takes about 1 hour. The title company will explain your loan and answer any questions you may have. I will be present at the closing.
    • Funding - Once the documents are signed, the loan will be funded. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
    • KEYS - Once the loan is funded you get the keys to your new home!!!

What do I need to know about buying a short sale?

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